Niagara University Students Make Strides for a Cure

BUFFALO, N.Y. – On Saturday, Oct. 17, 150 Niagara University students gave up sleeping in on a Saturday morning to walk in Buffalo’s Making Strides Against Cancer walk for breast cancer. It seems as though nowadays, just about everyone’s life has been impacted in some shape or form. As unfortunate as the fact may seem, that is what makes the need to find a cure even more urgent.


“I am walking for my mom Laura Hayes,” said sophomore Andrew Hayes. “She is the most amazing and inspirational, number one woman in my life.”

Hayes talked about how cancer has recently affected his life as his mom has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and has been fighting the battle everyday since. He was very excited to walk this morning for team Laura in efforts to find a cure.

“I am doing the walk to support anyone who is battling cancer or survived,” said sophomore Heather Peek.

Peek was especially excited to participate in this walk, as it was her first time participating in an event like this. At the end of the walk it was apparent how much she enjoyed the event.

Junior Shelby Ehrenreich has also been touched directly by cancer, as her aunt unfortunately lost her battle with breast cancer years ago.

“When I was four my aunt Lisa taught me how to put on pink lipstick before anything else,” said Ehrenreich. “I am wearing pink lipstick in her honor today.”

She continued to share memories of her aunt and the way she remembered her. Ehrenreich could only say positive things about her aunt and mentioned how these things have shaped her as a person today.


It was humbling to be surrounded by people who have been through so much, yet still manage to smile ear to ear. Spending the morning surrounded by such positive energy was genuinely refreshing and well worth the 6 a.m. wake up call.

It is evident that when a community of people is brought together with a common goal, beautiful things can happen. With these same efforts, hopefully one day cancer will be a thing of the past but never forgotten.

-Hannah Macios, PRSSN